THE TOP 20 WOMEN COMICS: The Best Current Series About Female Characters

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Right now, we’re in a sort of Renaissance for female creators as well as femalecentric comic book series. I thought I’d make a list of my favorite comics—not the characters, the comics—that are gynocentric, i.e., that feature females as the primary lead or that feature a team but primarily tell the tales from the perspective of a female character. These are not my favorite girl heroes/villains/main characters. The whole book has to be good—not just the character.

So when I started making the list I noticed quite a few current books that are still too new to be considered (by me) to be on a “Greatest of All Time” list—so instead of a top 20, I’ve done three lists: My 5 favorite current womyn comics; five team books with strong female leads; and, finally, my top 10 girl-titled comic books of all time.

The added bonus of this? If you want to buy current floppy comics, you’ve got your reading list. If you prefer to go the trade paperback route, you’ve got other titles to choose from.

I’d also like to take this moment to preempt any hate mail: I know that virtually all the creators attached to the books listed below are male. It’s a sad truth that most comic creators are male. And it’s a happy truth that many female comic creators work on books about men.

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