AVENGERS #372-375: The End of the Proctor Storyline

avengers 372

It starts kinda noir-ish, which frankly is where Steve Epting is at his best.  Sersi is arrested for murder.

Then, we finally get confirmation on Proctor’s true identity…

proctor is dane whitman black knight

IMG_1835And in the end, Black Knight dies. The good news is, he takes Sersi with him.

Of course it’s not permanent, but it’s a decent story.

Bob Harras will never be my favorite Avengers writer, but he’s far from the worst. He writes a few more issues of the book after this arc, but they’re scattered between other much worse writers (I’m looking at you, Joey Caliveri).  To me this should mark the end of Harras’ run.  It puts the period at the end of the Proctor story and wraps things up nicely for a new writer to take over.

Instead, The Avengers plunges into Event Hell.  About six issues after this, all we get is crossovers crossovers crossovers.

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