IMG_1427Continuing my examination of this event that spanned most of the Marvel titles, including Fantastic Four and The Avengers.

One of the most important things we learned: Hercules reads shitty comics.

But it is ironic, that he’s reading a corporate book in a huge corporate crossover, isn’t it?

Today, let’s look at half the reason we’re here: The Fantastic Four Acts issues.  We’ll do Avengers in the next and final post, since that title really wrapped up the event.

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There was no “main book” for Acts of Vengeance.  There wasn’t a book titled Acts, it was just a banner across a bunch of issues.  But there was one new title that came out of the series.  Actually, it was just a miniseries.  But it was phenomenally good.


Damage Control was a group of construction workers/cleanup specialists who went around New York cleaning up after the superhero battles.  They were led by a dude who looked suspiciously like Jack Kirby.  It also featured Ed Koch.


A book that didn’t crossover was Sensational She Hulk–it didn’t bear the Acts banner.  But the “break-the-fourth-wall” depiction of Ms. Big Green did make it into the series.


Ironically, this funny book is really what held the series together.  I’ll be mentioning it some more later, but you should go pick it up–even if you don’t get the whole Acts Omnibus, you can find reprints of Damage Control pretty cheap.

Fantastic Four #334-336

Walt Simonson returned to write some really great issues.  They didn’t matter too much to the “Acts” series, but they tied into the Superhuman/Mutant Registration Act storyline.  (Yes, there was one in 1990, long before The Civil War.)  The brilliant thing about these issues is that they mostly take place at a Senate hearing.

The villain sent to take on the FF is defeated by their building.


The team doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Later, danger comes a-callin’ during the Senate hearing and the team starts to suit up.  (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a panel quite like this before.)


But, as the narration caption indicates, the danger passes before the team gets to the battle.

So three issues go by during an event in which every hero is mindlessly fighting every other villain, but the FF don’t fight anyone.  All they do is testify.


Tell me that’s not brilliant.

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