AVENGERS #294-297: Kangs


IMG_1315This is why Walt Simonson is a legend.

Lots of folks have used the idea of multiple-timeline versions of the same character coming together–most notably, Hickman’s recent Fantastic Four run featuring all the Reed Richardses, but to me this one is the best.

The Kangs have come together to form an inter-reality corporation (they refer to themselves as executives, etc.) to try to form the reality they want by controlling and eliminating the pasts that they don’t.

Mr. Chairman Kang looks like one of the Three Musketeers, too,  Wonder if that was on purpose?

The drama is caused by a hot chick named Nebula, who happens to be the granddaughter of Thanos, infiltrates the Kangs and goes back in time to put whammy jammies on The Avengers by first manipulating Dr. Druid and then, through his powers, manipulating the rest of the team.


Look at the great way Buscema illustrates the manipulation.  I suspect that this layout was scripted by Simonson–he was a master architect of comics.  Buscema is a great artist, but he was never known for his layouts.

Throughout, She Hulk gets mind-controlled into being a total traitorous bitch and, in the end, Dr. Druid and Nebula appear to “die” together.


Everyone is so messed up by the events that the team disbands.  I know, nobody really thinks the Avengers are broken up–especially so close to issue #300.  But Marvel has to play along with this for the next couple issues until we get a new lineup.

Really great superhero comics.  Thank you, Walt and John.

Nice Clark and Lois cameo, too.

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