AVENGERS #287-290: Heavy Metal

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Who’s the evil robot that’s a sex machine with all the chicks? Machine Man!

IMG_1276The end of Roger Stern’s reign as one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) Avengers scribes of all time.  He got a plotter’s credit for #287 before handing it off to Ralph Macchio.

Like Kurt Busiek, Macchio was a letter-writer who eventually got invited to write a couple issues.  Unlike Busiek, Macchio wasn’t much of a writer.  He was a great editor, but his scripts were…

Not memorable.

It’s too bad, too, because this storyline brought back Machine Man–a fan favorite created by the great Jack Kirby in the pages of his 2001 A Space Odyssey spin off comic.

But instead of getting a grand robotic adventure, we get a weird story that kindasorta makes sense but…Not really.


For one thing, there’s a completely stupid looking villain named Kubik.  He’s the personification of the cosmic cube, and he’s best known for being in Secret Wars 2.  So that’s probably why he sucks.

In the end, though, Captain America–in his alter-ego as US Agent–beats everyone.

With a speech!

Roger, I miss you already.


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