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Posts made in February 19th, 2013

FANTASTIC FOUR #278-279: FF vs. Doombots

Awwwwww.  The Doombots think they’re real!  And they hijack the Baxter Building, throw it into the Negative Zone, then blow it up!

And Kristof, the little boy Victor Von Doom adopted before John Byrne killed him, gets implanted with Doom’s memories–which allows a slight retcon of the big bad’s origin….


Thanks to the Kirby Museum

I read somewhere that Jack Kirby always wanted Doom to have a minor scar, but Stan wouldn’t agree.  (At left is a sketch Kirby did in the 1970s showing his vision of Doom’s visage.)

Because they couldn’t agree, you only saw Doom bandaged up.

Here, John Byrne offers both origins: First we see the Doc with a trivial scar, similar to Kirby’s preferred depiction.  But then Doom puts his mask on before the molded metal cools, thus horribly burning and disfiguring him forever.

Interesting approach, which shows Byrne’s respect for both of Marvel’s most important founding fathers.

(But it is a little silly to think that Doom would be stupid enough to put on a hot metal mask–particularly when he is so vain.)

Anyway, Kristof now believes he is the real Doom.


My only real complaint with these issues is Jerry Ordway’s inking.  Byrne’s “look” is so distinct, but Ordway takes a lot of the special-ness out of it.


THE JOKER #2 (Plus: The Top Ten Super Vehicles)

joker mobile

In this issue, “The Sad Story of Willie The Weeper” (a henchman who can’t stop sobbing–it’s unexplained and bizarre), we get to see Joker’s ride.  I’m fairly certain that Denny O’Neil and Irv Novick didn’t invent the Joker Mobile in this issue, but I love the look.

It inspired me to make a list of my personal favorite stupid superhero cars.  But that’s really only for fanatical nerds, so you’ll have to hit “more” to see it.


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