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Posts made in February 16th, 2013


The late Mark Gruenwald was an unsung workhorse for Marvel in the 1980s and 90s.  While he probably had his biggest influence as an editor, he was also known for stepping in and doing great fill-in issues as well as extended runs on some of Marvel’s best known characters, and was famous for having an encyclopedic knowledge of continuity.  Kind of like DC’s Geoff Johns or the current Brian Michael Bendis.

He also created the updated Serpent Society—including new members Anaconda and Diamondback among others, Flag-Smasher, Jack O’ Lantern, the villain Crossbones, and many other cool characters, before dying way too young of a heart attack.

Nobody talks about him anymore, but if you’re looking for some fun books that typify the late ‘80s/early ‘90s—widely considered a peak in the quality of Marvel comics—check out this top 10 after the break.


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