FANTASTIC FOUR #258-260 (1983)


Doom argues with his own Doombot.  Classic.

John Byrne was clearly a comfortable creator in the Marvel Universe at the time he worked on this Doom epic.  On or about this same time, he started working on a She Hulk comic, had a great-but-short run on Hulk, was pushing forward with all cylinders with Alpha Flight, and could claim responsibility for the X-Men turning into Marvel’s bestselling franchise.

His work on FF to this point has been terrific, but now he’s branching out.  The team crossed over with The Avengers for the first time in decades, and now he’s using the “big tools” in the FF toolbox.

IMG_0910Silver Surfer comes a calling as Doom allies with Terrax the Untamed, who now goes by Tyros the Terrible (since he’s not a Galactus herald anymore).

And along the way we get to see Aunt May…

So within the past 12 issues, Byrne has brought in The Avengers, Surfer, Doom, Galactus, Spider-Man (and his aunt), Daredevil, The X-Men…Just about everyone who is anyone…And in the next seven, we’ll be seeing Uatu The Watcher, several heads of state from various alien worlds (including Skrulls and Shi’Ar), Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk, Doctor Octopus, and several others.

In a way, it’s a lot like the old Stan Lee days, when anyone from the Marvel U could come waltzing into a panel without warning.

Comics were fun in the 1980s.

Storywise, of course, the alliance of Tyros and Doom is (ahem) doomed to failure…
And in the end, Dr. Doom “dies.”

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