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Posts made in February 12th, 2013

AVENGERS #235-237: Spider-Man Auditions for the Team!

avengers 236
Back in the 1980s, Spider-Man flirted with the idea of becoming an Avenger, but he never did. In these issues, he tries to “audition” for the group.  The discipline, though, wasn’t his thing.

the first time spider-man was on the avengers

Much later, when The Avengers Volume 1 ended, Brian Michael Bendis would launch the “New Avengers,” including Spidey, to much controversy. People felt it wasn’t true to the character. But nothing in these issues suggested that Spider-Man would never join the team.  In fact, in the end Spidey realizes he made a mistake…

avengers 235


NICK FURY #1 By Jim Steranko

jim steranko

Steranko’s SHIELD comic was a wild, psychedelic ride.  It lasted about two years and only survived because Stan Lee was distracted and Steranko left most of Marvel editorial alone.  Back then, people bought just about anything, so even though it never clocked major sales, it paid for itself and was enough to help Marvel crowd DC off the stands.

Those were some mad creative days, before Marvel became so corporate.


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