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Posts made in February 10th, 2013


making girls do what you say

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: Starfox is my least favorite Avenger.  He’s lame.  Actually, he’s a lot like The Purple Man in that he can get people to do what he wants–it’s a power–but he uses this power to sleep with super heroines rather than to try to take over the world.  I guess that’s better.

But Dan Slott’s take on this habit was great.  See She Hulk #6-7: The Trial of Starfox.  This dude here wrote about it in depth.




These three issues offer another Galactus battle and Frankie Raye becomes his new Herald.  The Avengers guest star, along with Spidey and DD–complete with an ironic reference to how they could never qualify as Avengers.  Human Torch recalls the time he found Sub-Mariner, back in the Lee/Kirby days.  These issues are chock-a-block with action and Easter Eggs.  But the real story here is Franklin.

IMG_0867 IMG_0869

Because by the end of the Galactus part of the story, Frankie makes Herbie’s head explode.IMG_0871

Poor Herbie.  John Byrne always seems to blow the little dude up.


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