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Posts made in February 9th, 2013

AVENGERS #229-230

For most of the past half-dozen issues, we’ve been watching Hank slowly deteriorate. In these two, we see the “end” of the story.

It’s generally very good but….

…This is a bit much. Hank betrayed his team multiple times and punched Janet in the eye.

But okay, fine. She’s the Nicole Simpson of the band.

If you can accept the sanitized “let’s be friends” conversation above, this is about as strong writing as comics got in the 1980s. Great stuff.




John Byrne’s splash pages were often very impressive.  This one, for example.  How can you see this and not want to read this comic?

Plus, in this issue, Attilan goes to the moon-burying the site of Phoenix’s downfall, and joining The Watcher.

IMG_0861 IMG_0862

Are any of you still not convinced that this was the most inventive, most imaginative run on the Fantastic Four of all time?


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