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Posts made in February 6th, 2013


Taking a few moments to gush over a miniseries I finally got around to reading. It had been sitting in my Amazon box for almost a year before I found the time, but I’m glad I did!

In the old 2008 days of Avengers Initiative, Kathryn Immonen and David Lafuente got the chance to work with a character nobody had cared about, or even thought of, for years…

The story was self-contained and had no effect on the greater MU. If you read it, you’re reading it for fun. Not continuity. Not importance or weight. Just pure fun. It starts with Tony picking Patsy to serve as the Initiative’s representative in Alaska….

Patsy arrives in Alaska....

Patsy arrives in Alaska….

Issue one is mostly banter and set up, but it’s masterfully scripted and wonderfully drawn. Every page feels alive and joyful…They even figured out a novel way to handle the recap page:

Every page of this mini bursts with creativity...Even the recap page!

Every page of this mini bursts with creativity…Even the recap page!

It’s also terrific in the way it plays with Hellcat’s “nobody” status. It does so much, much better than the DC Aquaman reboot, which relies on nasty sarcasm about how lame Aquaman is–whereas this book shows Patsy as oblivious to the fact that she’s an unknown. In fact, her self-promotion and ego does more than fly in the face of her lack of fame…It almost seems like a reaction to it.

This mini turns Hellcat from nobody to antihero

This mini turns Hellcat from nobody to antihero

And, in the end, it’s just silly.

It also gets a little NextWAVE-ish

It also gets a little NextWAVE-ish

Silly, joyful, cute, wonderful…More comics should be this fun.


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