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Posts made in January 26th, 2013

AVENGERS #192-193

A fairly lame 2-parter with guest artists…But at least we get this sweet little panel, and this one:

It would be totally boss if Joss had an “Avengers gettin’ around” scene in Avengers 2….


FANTASTIC FOUR #204-206: A Big Space Epic Part One


IMG_0714And so begins a year-plus saga featuring Nova, Skrulls, Galactus, The Champions…Just about everyone.  Thing isn’t impressed.

There’s a dude who made a computer out of the brains of a dead civilization, and that’s kinda weird in a “should have been in Superman” kind of way…But the real news here is that the F4 are taken to the Skrull High Court in issue #206 and put on trial for “treason against the Skrull empire.”  (How can you be treasonous to a government you never belonged to?)  This is a precursor to John Byrne’s absolutely brilliant “Reed Richards on Trial” issue, which comes in about 50 issues.  Byrne wasn’t even on the series yet, but he’s coming soon.