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Posts made in January 25th, 2013


Michelinie was still missing, so Steven Grant stopped by to write a few issues.  This issue, a fan favorite, was a solo Hawkeye story.

But Steven Grant is best known for the hands-down greatest Earth-616 Punisher story of all time…



This is the greatest article on Aquaman ever.  And one of the greatest articles about DC, too.

Here’s my favorite quote: “In the DC Universe, rebooting a character means squeezing it until every last drop of fun has been excised so that you can replace it with mopey symbolism. Thus, Aquaman got some powder blue underwater camo and an origin that involved cursed blonde hair (?), before eventually growing out his hair and his beard in case you forgot he was supposed to be King Arthur and replacing one of his hands with a hook in case you forgot he lived in the ocean.”  And then there’s this quote, too, which sums up how I feel about most of the new 52 but especially Aquaman: “Aquaman’s reintroduction in the increasingly inaccurately named “New 52” is just mind-blowing in how little sense it makes, because it is nothing but a reaction to the Aquaman Sucks joke. Everyone in that comic who is not Aquaman or sleeping with Aquaman is constantly telling Aquaman how awful he is, despite the fact that there is absolutely no reason for them to think that. Aquaman is presented as a superhero who is reasonably capable, but he’s constantly being reacted to by people who apparently have the same jokes in a world where Aquaman actually exists and helped save the world from an alien invasion by brutally stabbing Parademons with a trident as we do in a world where Aquaman was a character on a stupid cartoon thirty years ago.”

Hit the “more” break for some actual news about Wolverine, the JLA, comic book movies and TV shows…All kinds of fun.

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