FANTASTIC FOUR #196-200: Getting the old band back together

It was clear when it started in issue #191 that by the time the 200th issue came about, the F4 would be back together.  And who better to bring them back than Dr. Doom?

Interestingly enough, Keith Pollard gets “story teller” credit here—perhaps a nod to the fact that Marv Wolfman had more respect for his artists?  Or maybe it was Jim Shooter’s idea—although he was notoriously hard on talent.
Anyway, despite the fact that this book is supposed to be about family, it’s Johnny, Ben and Sue who come back together motivated by love and friendship.  Reed has to get his powers back first, which he does by duplicating the accident that created them in the first place.
Inset of somo son thing

Doc Doom captures the reunited three, and Reed goes on a black-op mission to Latveria to free them, where he learns that Dr. Doom has a full grown son who wants be just like the FF—so, like Reed did to himself last issue, he exposes himself to cosmic rays.  Only instead of getting one power, he gets all four.

Doom’s son has the powers of a Super Skrull!


Of course, in true Doom fashion, the boy turns on his dad.

Doom kills him, and in #200 we are treated to a truly iconic full-page panel…
Yeah, that’s it.

And now they’re back together for issue #201!

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