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Posts made in January 23rd, 2013


So Human Torch and Thing have gotten solo flights, now it’s Sue’s turn.  I doubt anyone even remembers that she moved to Hollywood—away from Reed—to be a movie star, but that’s just the way Marv Wolfman rolled.

I actually think Marv did a very good job on this series.  This is a fun issue.

I’m using the splash page as my “one panel,” but Namor arrives on page 4 and the fun starts. Because whenever Reed’s away, Namor has to come back to that ass.  He loves him some Invisible Girl.



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There are Secret Avengers.  There’s the original Avengers.  The New ones.  Now, there’s Uncanny Avengers.
But why not a Superficial Avengers team?  One based totally on how cool, wild and crazy the character looks?  And no other criteria.  The hero doesn’t have to make sense or be well thought out.  S/he just has to look cool.
Himbos and bimbos.
Here’s who I’d put on that team:
Ghost Rider-Original Version, the red armored version of Ant Man, Jessica Drew Spider Woman,
Ariel (Kitty Pryde) ’cause she knows she’s fabulous, Deathlok, Beta Ray Bill,

Madrox (X-Factor version), War Machine, Valkyrie (original version),

Flash Thompson Venom, Frankenpunisher, and the red-sash Ms. Marvel,
Psylocke, Astonishing Cyclops,
And every team needs a set of good villains.  I think the most interesting looking Marvel villains are…
M.O.D.O.K., Carnage, and The Orb,
Fin Fang Foom (without the purple underwear), Ultron,
The Mindless Ones on skateboards (from NextWave), the Mindless One,
Cyclops Phoenix, Shadowland Daredevil, and Danger from Astonishing X-Men

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