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Posts made in January 22nd, 2013


IMG_1104Why haven’t you heard of this comic?

Because it was a 1999 two-issue Vertigo series by Andrew Dabb (who later wrote for the WB TV series “Supernatural”) and the Eisner-nominated artist Seth Fisher, best known for working on Flash and Vertigo Pop! Tokyo before his untimely death in 2006, and it was about as weird as they come.

You can get it used and cheap on Amazon.

And you should.  It’s terrific.

I’ve posted one panel, above, that illustrates how bizarre this book is.  But it’s also ultraviolent and disturbing.  Check out the website here.

I loved this book.  It’s perverse, hilarious, unsettling…And you have to study each page, because there’s so much detail.  Like in the panel above, chock full of randomness like baby chicks, “Clam Road” (in Happydale), a guy in a robe…And it all reappears and has meaning.

It’s like the Torah.  You have to study it.

Get this book!



Classic Marvel house ad.  Look how different Ka-Zar looked!


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