FANTASTIC FOUR 151-153: Thundra


IMG_0533More landlord bullying…But I want to take this opportunity to point out, again, how annoying it is when the writer talks to the reader. It’s just lazy writing.

Anyway, there’s a lot of jazz in this three-issue arc with Thing and Thundra. She clearly has a thing for Thing.

But the (ahem) thing that makes this story better-than-average is that the women aren’t lame weak hostages. Pretty much every fourth issue or so since the beginning, Susan Storm has been depicted as a weak minded damsel in distress, despite the fact that her powers are clearly better than the rest of the team.

Not so, Medusa.

In this story, she gets captured. And kicks her captor’s ass.


Bonus Picture:

Reed has a foot for a hand!

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