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Posts made in January 7th, 2013


This series was far inferior to Miller’s first 4-issue story about Batman. In fact, it’s not even a Batman story, really. It’s a Justice League story.

Maybe the reason I didn’t like it so much is that so many writers did pretty much the same thing, only better–like Grant Morrison in JLA Earth 2 and all the folks who wrote great Squadron Supreme stories at Marvel.

But there’s still much to recommend here. This panel sets the tone: Strange art, new depictions of classic heroes, deconstruction both through image and text.


WOLVERINE by John Byrne

This is actually one of the most important panels in comic book history.  It was the first time that Wolverine killed someone–and one of the first times ANY Marvel hero killed an enemy.  And Logan was so cavalier about it.  This issue, Uncanny X-Men 133, was the one that launched Wolverine into a cult hero and, eventually, one of Marvel’s biggest money makers.


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