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Posts made in January 6th, 2013

AVENGERS #142-144: The Serpent Crown Part 2

Kang sent Hawkeye back in time where he teamed up with Marvel’s Western heroes, and was later joined by Moondragon and Thor.

Great stuff. Oh, and if you’re confused…Yes, the dude in white was also known as Phantom Rider but is best known as the original Ghost Rider.

Q: What’s the difference between a saloon and an elephant’s fart?
A: One is a bar room, and one is a BAROOM!

Beast’s ex-GF becomes Hellcat.

And Hellcat was the star of a little-known gem by Kathyrn Immonen….



The final issue, the final battle.  And I love that Batman is helped by Green Arrow in this—Ollie Queen is pretty much the poor man’s Batman anyway.
By the end of the story, Batman has become the real symbol of humanity and hope—and Superman has become a faded figure who lacks moral imperative.  And it all happens organically, and quickly, over the course of these four issues.

And that’s the end of Miller’s first Batman story.  Next: Dark Knight 2.


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