toad dancing

Beast is a wiseass, which is reason enough to post this.  It was really Steve Englehart who laid the foundation for a distinct voice for the Beast character, who before his run with The Avengers was basically the lamest X-Man.

But I love how George Tuska draws The Toad here–he has to be consciously referencing Rumpelstiltskin, doesn’t he?

P.S.: The title of this issue was the vaguely homoerotic “Stranger In A Strange Man.”  The story itself was pretty good, but there’s also a little piece with a crowd cheering for Thor.  Back in the early 1970s, Earth 616 loved its superheroes.  It wasn’t until Chris Claremont figured out how to turn themes of anti-mutant hysteria into one of the few comic books that actually made millions for its creators that Marvel decided to start gradually globalizing its cynicism.

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