FANTASTIC FOUR #90-93: I Was A Rock Hard Skrull Slave

rock hard sex slave electro

A four-parter in which Thing is kidnapped by Skrulls who act like Edward G. Robinson.  Why do the Skrulls act like 1940s movie gangsters?  I’m glad you asked….


While it’s no surprise that Ben Grimm is put in a gladiator ring and forced to fight, it is a little surprising that Stan and Jack didn’t do this earlier.


IMG_0283By today’s standards, gladiator fights in comic books are pretty common–almost cliche.  They’re rarely good.  Planet Hulk was the exception to this rule.

Anyway, it’s one of the weirdest stories of the Stan-and-Jack years (which are coming to an end soon, by the way), but it was pretty decent.

The most significant, lasting element of the arc was that Sue and Reed finally name their kid.  It’s hard to believe that a mensa-level scientist and a mom who has spent several weeks struggling with baby names books took this long, but the name finally arrived.

Ben was happy.  Johnny, not so much.

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