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a little bit of BK in VA

Posts made in December 1st, 2012


This issue featured the team’s second battle against the Frightful Four, and the first time Paste-Pot Pete was called The Trapster.  But this is the keeper panel.  Thing spanking The Invisible Girl.  (Actually, he’s tripping her, but it sure doesn’t look like it.)


COMIC NEWS OF THE WEEK! the fold news today: NO MORE WALKING DEAD FOR FIOS CUSTOMERS!  If you’re reading this and you subscribe to FIOS for your cable TV, they are thinking of dropping AMC.  If you’re a Walking Dead fan, please write to FIOS immediately at the “Save AMC” website.  If you’re not, please do it anyway on my behalf.
I can’t live without my undead!
Hit the break for Superman news (both film and print), new Mark Millar movie projects, a Keith Giffen property getting the big screen treatment, and much more…

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