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Posts made in December, 2012



Now this is more like it.  Medusa can’t stand rock and roll!  A street gang based on Marlon Brando’s The Wild One!  And The Shaper of Worlds!


It’s actually all very silly and stupid, but it’s also kind of fun.  Again, Gerry Conway’s scripts were generally bad, so this one being as not-bad as it was was a breath of fresh air.



Mutants can be bigots, too.  Especially the hotheaded Pietro.  He’s consistently been portrayed this way, too.  See especially Peter David’s writing in early issues of X-Factor.  Great, great stuff–best Quicksilver comics ever.

Note: This issue was continued in Fantastic Four #150.  Unfortunately, I started blogging on F4 a month after I started on Avengers, and I haven’t been able to catch up yet.  So, we won’t be tying them together.  Anyway, this panel speaks for itself.  No need for continuity.


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