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Posts made in November 24th, 2012


Goliath Hawkeye! Actually, I selected these four panels to show just a little bit how much Gene Colan was revolutionizing comic art with new layouts, panel sizes, and panel transition–and his great use of perspective. Some of these methods had been used before by other artists, but Colan was one of the first to combine them all—and really make the artist an essential part of comic book story presentation.


This post is like a painting.  Torch is showing off and reaching for the reporters, vainly, who have all turned their attention to Susan and her fashion plate hair.  Ben’s getting insulted by the press while he insults Johnny.  Ben and Johnny are always all about the insults.  And Reed is crooked, looking over at his girlfriend, realizing how far out of his league she is.

Stan Lee didn’t really know how to write women very well.  They all acted like a teenage boy would like girls to act.  It wasn’t until much later in the series that Sue became a strong female lead.

Also: How cool is this: It’s November 24 and we’re on the 24th issue!



I’m starting another tag here–Ads.  Cool looking ads for and/or in comics. Hope y’all dig it.


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