THE TOP 100 COMIC BOOK RUNS OF ALL TIME (and my personal top 20)

Comic Books Should Be Good is an excellent blog, and Greg Burgas has pretty good taste in comics (except when he disagrees with me).  Twice over the past 8 years, Brian Cronin has done a massive poll for the best 100 runs of all time, and recently completed his 2012 edition.  You can find it here.

Also twice over the past eight years, Greg has run his analysis of the list.  He just finished his analysis of the 2012 list.  It’s excellent fun, and you can find it here.

For the first time in eight years, I’m doing an analysis of Greg’s analysis.  Just for kicks and giggles.  Because, I mean, Brian gives his list and then Greg goes and bitches about it, but nobody bitches about Greg!

I know I’m nowhere near as “important” a blogger as they are.  Barely 1500 pairs of eyes look at my stuff each day.  But I love lists as much as the next guy.  So here goes.

First, Greg starts with his own top 10 list.  I pretty much completely disagree with it—or with 70% of it.

After the break: Greg’s list.

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