THE TOP 100 COMIC BOOK RUNS OF ALL TIME (and my personal top 20)

Comic Books Should Be Good is an excellent blog, and Greg Burgas has pretty good taste in comics (except when he disagrees with me).  Twice over the past 8 years, Brian Cronin has done a massive poll for the best 100 runs of all time, and recently completed his 2012 edition.  You can find it here.

Also twice over the past eight years, Greg has run his analysis of the list.  He just finished his analysis of the 2012 list.  It’s excellent fun, and you can find it here.

For the first time in eight years, I’m doing an analysis of Greg’s analysis.  Just for kicks and giggles.  Because, I mean, Brian gives his list and then Greg goes and bitches about it, but nobody bitches about Greg!

I know I’m nowhere near as “important” a blogger as they are.  Barely 1500 pairs of eyes look at my stuff each day.  But I love lists as much as the next guy.  So here goes.

First, Greg starts with his own top 10 list.  I pretty much completely disagree with it—or with 70% of it.

After the break: Greg’s list.

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  • I wrote a similar list a few days ago: As you can see, we share the same tastes, when it’s about comics.
    Also, I didn’t mention Gotham Central in that list, but I loved it too. Congrats for your choices and reads!

    • ekko1

      Yes, we do! I’d say that your choice of DD#208 as a single issue is a great choice, but it’s actually a two parter. MOst of your other choices are great–based on them, I ordered Venom Sinner off Amazon.

      I’ve never heard of Kingpin Thug, and I can’t find it anywhere….I’d love to read it.

      • You trusted my recommendations so much that you bought Venom Sinner only because of my recommendation: this really pleases me.
        That story arc isn’t as deep as Born Again, or as ambitious as Children of the Atom: it’s a simple action story, but it’s the best action story I’ve ever read.
        Kingpin Thug is much better than Venom Sinner, I do suggest you to read it.
        Thank you for trusting me so much and for your reply! : )

        • ekko1

          If you happened to have .cbrs of the Kingpin Thug, I’d appreciate you sending them along….

  • Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with digital comics. I never owned them, even after I understood that buying comics digitally I would have saved a lot of money in shipping expenses from U.S.. Thank you again! : )

  • CD

    i’m probably misunderstanding the criteria for this one, but i’m defining “runs” as story arcs for the most part, though the end of the list is the entire series, so here goes:

    1.Original New Mutants/X-Men/Alpha Flight in Asgard. Started w/ AF and XM pissing off Loki, who mistakenly takes it out on the NM a few years later. Still probably my favorite storyline ever.
    2. That New Mutant arc where they’re avoiding Warlock’s dad, Magik’s stepping disc goes screwy and sends two halves of the team into two separate futures, one where mutants rule, one where they are slaves. First time they did that to my knowledge (though they seem to do it every other month now.)
    3. Teen Titans run by Wolfman and Perez
    4. The Boys by Ennis. Sure, it had some low points over the entire series, but it went strong for a long time and ended w/ a bang.
    5. Chronicles of Wormwood. Second mini was weak, first was groundbreaking. What can i say, i dig Ennis.
    6. Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse by Templesmith
    7. Scott Pilgrim.

    • ekko1

      Scott Pilgrim? Do you have a vagina?

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