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Posts made in November 7th, 2012

AVENGERS #43: Election Day Edition

This was the first time (in the Avengers) that this style of panel–multiple shots of the same character in motion–was used. Of course, this was a favorite sequence in books like Spider-Man and Daredevil. Back in those days, Marvel was an assembly line–literally. Even the offices were laid out with artists, then inkers, then colorists, etc.

Also, it’s election day, so here’s Cap….


INDIAN SCHOOL-The Cruelest Kind

I can’t figure out who these guys remind me of. For some reason, I keep thinking of Nick Lowe. Maybe it’s because of “Cruel to be Kind”/”Cruelest Kind?” Anyway, that’s definitely a good dude to be associated with, innit?

Postpunk pop. Good stuff.

[bandcamp album=284897186 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]


AVENGERS #42: Zestful Zither

Last issue, Hank started experimenting…And of course it all goes terribly wrong.  And also of course, he never learns his lesson. Over and over and over. All the way the 1980s and the Roger Stern era–the best era in the life of The Avengers, by the way. Roger Stern was the best Avengers writer, other than possibly Brian Michael Bendis, who made the mistake of staying too long at the party. Leave us wanting more, Brian, not less.




The first 100 issues is arguably the most creative run on a comic of all time. Here’s why:

Agatha Harkness (#94) Awesome Android (#15)

Blastaar (#62)

Black Panther (#52)

Diablo (#30)

Dr. Doom(#5)

Dragon Man (#35)

Frightful Four (#36)

Galactus (#48)

Hate Monger (#21)

Impossible Man (#11)

The Inhumans (#44)

Mad Thinker (#15)

Medusa (#37)

The Microverse (#76)

Molecule Man (#20)

Mole Man (#1)

Psycho Man (#77)

Puppet Master (#8)

Rama Tut (Kang) (#19)

The Red Ghost (#13)

Ronan The Accuser (#65)

Silver Surfer (#48)

Skrulls (#2)

Sub Mariner (1st Silver Age)(#4)

Super Skrull (#18)

Adam Warlock (#67)

The Watcher (#13)

Yancy Street and the YS Gang (#20)


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