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Posts made in November 3rd, 2012


Stan Lee and Jack Kirby first brought Greek Gods to play in the pages of Thor (Journey to Mystery, actually), and there was a great issue of Thor that featured the two Gods going mano a mano.  In fact, it was arguably the greatest issue of Thor.  So great, Walt Simonson drew from it later…

Avengers #38 was the first time Herc teamed up with Earth’s Mightiest Defenders, and, true to form, he traded blows and barbs with just about everyone on the team by the time this arc was over.

He actually joined the team in #45 on the second annual “Avengers Day.”  (The first was in #22.)  Thanks to the always terrific CBSBG for that little tidbit.




First of all, you all should be checking out my other site where I post a panel from every issue of The Avengers Volume 1.  If you’re fans of Marvel and/or want to see how the series progressed in terms of storytelling, characterization, mythos, etc., I think you’ll enjoy it.
Second of all, after the break you’ll find tales of suspense, journeys into mystery, and astonishing tales as well, all about the world of comics and related matters.
Hit the break!


A wholly forgettable issue that introduced a completely forgotten villain. If Grant Morrison wrote an Avengers story, I bet he’d bring this dude back and turn him into something important and major.


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