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The biggest issue arising out of the new 52 is the Bat-chronology.  We’re told the Grant Morrison stuff is still canon, but frankly that seems impossible—and it also seems likely that it’s part of the reason Morrison quit working for DC.  During DC’s “Zero Month,” Scott Snyder—the new architect of the Batverse—indicated that the Batman in the Batman comic has been around for six years.  And we know from Grant Morrison that Damian was conceived when Bruce Wayne was already Batman and had already had at least few run-ins with Ra’s Al Ghul.  This is…Impossible.  If Batman has only been around six years and he’s already got a ten year old son, the world is already topsy turvy.  And don’t forget, during that time Dick Grayson was Robin and got sick of being Robin and Jason Todd became Robin and got killed being Robin and Tim Drake became Robin and…Well, that last one never happened, at least according to Teen Titans #0.  If Drake was never Robin, and he leads the Titans, then the whole concept of that book—sidekicks taking center stage—is blown.  We all know Tim Drake played a major part in Damian Wayne’s story, as told by Morrison, so at least part of the Grant Morrison Batman legend no longer exists.
And that, by itself, is sufficient reason to despise the new 52.
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