A while back, I let you know who I was voting for in the “Comics Should Be Good” blog’s poll of the best Spider-Man creators of all time.  Well, their results are in and tallied.

Was I “right?”  Unsurprisingly, ‘cause I’m so money, I kinda was.  Hit the break to see a comparison….
I’m not going to reprint their results because I love the CBR blog and you should go see for yourself.  Below is my ballot, with their ballot result in (parentheses) after it.
Best Writer:
1.  Stan Lee/Steve Ditko (CBR result: 1).  No surprises here.  Those first 49 issues of Amazing Spider-Man introduced characters and ways of telling stories that are still being used today.  I’d say they are probably the best 49 comic books ever made.
2.  Roger Stern (CBR result: 3).  CBR readers put Stan Lee without Ditko here (I have him at 6, below).  I’m more right than they were, though, because although Stan Lee’s post-Ditko work was still fantastic, Roger Stern changed Peter Parker fundamentally—he matured him—and changed Parker’s world along the way, in ways that made pretty much everything since then possible.
3.  J. Michael Straczynski (CBR result: 9).  Frankly, I can’t argue.  Lots of people detest JMS, if for no other reason than he was behind the “One More Day” reboot (even though he quit Marvel over it, he still participated heavily).  I was surprised CBR readers put this run in the top 10 at all.  For me, though, up until One More Day the JMS is the best modern run on the book—it’s accessible, and extremely well written.
4.  Peter David (CBR result: 8).  Close enough.
5.  Brian Michael Bendis (CBR result: 7).  Again, close enough. 
6.  Stan Lee (without Ditko) (CBR result: 2).  We’re just rearranging chairs in the top 10 here, folks.
7.  Gerry Conway (CBR result: 5).
8.  Bill Mantlo (CBR result: 13).  Mantlo is my first top 10 pick that didn’t make the CBR top 10.  But he was bubbling under, so, once more time, close enough.
9.  Zeb Wells (CBR result: 20).  Zeb was my wild card pick: A personal favorite who probably hasn’t written enough Web Head to warrant a top 10 vote.  But I stand by it, based on “Shed” alone.
10.  J. M. DeMatteis (CBR result: 4).  Last but not least, and top 10 is top 10.
The two who made the CBR top 10 but didn’t make my own were Dan Slott and David Michelinie.  I’m with CBR on Dan Slott: He’s good, and he’s written more issues of Amazing Spider-Man than any other man.  But Michelinie?  I wouldn’t even put him in the top 20.
Best Artist:
1.  Steve Ditko (CBR result: 2).  CBR readers put Romita Sr. here, and they are so, so painfully wrong.
2.  John Romita, Jr.  (CBR result: 3).
3.  John Romita, Sr. (CBR result: 1).
4. Mark Bagley (CBR result: 4).
5. Todd McFarlane (CBR result: 5).
6. Marcos Martin (CBR result: 8).  
7. Gil Kane (CBR result: 7).
8. John Byrne (CBR result: 10).
9. Ron Frenz (CBR result: 12).
10.  Chris Bachalo (CBR result: 16).
As you can see, I was pretty much 100% right with the top 5 (the order is different, but the names are the same), and the only major differences in my top 10 were that CBR readers put Ross Andru and Sal Buscema in there.  In retrospect, I think I agree with them on Buscema; I’d change him out for Ron Frenz.  But I can’t go with Ross Andru.  He just doesn’t do it for me.
So, was this column nerdy enough?

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