I have been wholly underwhelmed by the new 52 reboot of Action Comics written by the best living comic book writer.  When I finished reading Action Comics #8, I said that that was the last issue I’d buy.  Then, I decided to give Grant Morrison one more chance.  After all, he’s best known for slow burn, so maybe he was building up to something.

I still don’t know what he’s doing with the “main” Superman, but Action Comics #9 was an out-of-canon multiverse story of Earth 23 that was classic Morrison.

Without giving too much away, Morrison tells the story of a black Superman (although his race really is irrelevant to the story) at war with his own Luthor, who must confront his own legend.  More precisely, he must confront what the multiverse wants in a Superman.  Along the way, Morrison does what he does best: Questions the meaning of a “super man” not by looking at the concept, but by looking through it.

Action Comics #9 proves that Morrison still has a lot to say about the Man of Steel.  Which is a good thing, because I was beginning to wonder.

The art, by Gene Ha, is great as well–it’s a slightly shadowy, slightly serious style that’s grounded in reality rather than larger than life.  Perfect for this story.

The backup story is typical filler, but after reading this comic I’m in a forgiving mood so I’ll choose to ignore it rather than get irritated about DC taking my money for seven pages of worthlessness.

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