Flashpoint was boring.  Fear Itself had a good issue #0 and a decent conclusion, but the middle was terrible and then it got drawn out by a follow-up series.  The New 52 isn’t really a single event—it was much bigger than that.  No, one mini-series slipped in kind of under the New 52 hype and proved that “important” “event” books can be fun and can matter, all at the same time: X-Men Schism.  Great comic book stuff that was fully accessible to anyone who had even a passing knowledge of the X-verse.  Yeah, there was a bit of filler—and the book didn’t have all that much story to it—but it looked great.  Jason Aaron is one of those writers who I’m hot and cold on.  Much of his stuff seems adequate but not stellar (Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and his “Astonishing” work) but then occasionally he hits it out of the park (PunisherMAX, Black Panther, and sometimes Scalped).  This one was somewhere between those two poles, but as an event (as opposed to a story arc) it rocked harder than most.

And while we’re talking big things….


Both Thor and X-Statix had great Omnibi this year.

5.  X-Statix Omnibus by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred, among others.  This is technically not released yet, but I know many (most) of you missed out on the psychedelic oddness that was Peter Milligan and Mike Allred’s mutant book, which included characters with super-bodily functions and bizarre names like U-Go Girl, Doop, and Venus Dee Milo.  Collects the team’s X-Force run from 1991, as well as all the X-Statix books and crossover stuff.
4.  Walt Simonson’s Thor Omnibus.  I said a lot about this book here, so I don’t think more need be said.  One of the greatest—albeit wordiest—non-Stan-Lee runs in comic book history.
3.  The Fantastic Four Omnibus by John Byrne.  Reed Richards saves Galactus’ life, and is brought up on intergalactic homicide charges for it!  The Thing turns from rocks to mush!  Franklin Richards grows up and becomes a child again, all in one story!  The introduction of Herbie the Robot!  Galactus gets a new herald!  Marvel’s first all widescreen issue, probably inspired by Dave Sim’s classic “High Society” run on Cerebus!  This, and much more.  Absolutely….Fantastic.
2.  The Definitive Irredeemable, vol. 1 by Mark Waid and Peter Krause.  The first eleven Issues of the BOOM! Studios book about a Superman who becomes a very, very bad man.  A great story, but a dark one: Not for the kiddies.

starfire's breasts

Starfire is pleased that dick came.

1.  The New Teen Titans Omnibus by Marv Wolfman and George Perez.  From their first appearance up to just before Terra joins the band, this collects the first 20 issues of The Most Important And Influential Team Book of the 1980s.  A must read.  Can’t wait for volume 2.

And, finally, the best new comics of the year…After the break.

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