The only thing stupider than Wolverine—a stalking, primal hunter—wearing bright yellow was Moon Knight—a stalking, primal hunter—wearing white.  Until Greg Hurwitz explained that Spector dresses that way “so they’ll see me coming.”  I’m still not sure that makes so much sense, but that’s my only complaint about Moon Knight.

When I was growing up, the original Doug Moench/Bill Sienkiewitz was far and away one of my favorite books.  The stories were great, the art was brilliant, and just about every cover was poster quality.  The character had a cool look and more secret identities than Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove.  In fact, the art was so good that it’s one of the few books I’d recommend getting in “Essential” format over a color version—so nothing can detract from Sienkiewitz’s beautiful pencils and inks.

Then, for many years, the character lay dormant (or sucked).  In 2007, Charlie Huston teamed up with David Finch to produce some of the best looking Moon Knight issues in decades—but the story didn’t hang together at the end.  Greg Hurwitz then adopted the character and, again, it kinda fell flat.  You could see the potential, but it wasn’t being reached.

Bendis and Maleev—the team supreme—just adopted the character, but their concept (he has even more personalities, one for each Avenger!) seems a little gimmicky.  I’m reserving judgement and withholding payment for the paperback.  I’ll let you know how that goes…

Recommended reading:

  • Essential Moon Knight Vol. 1 and 2
  • Moon Knight Vol. 1: The Bottom


Clint Barton has one of the coolest civilian names in comics.  And he uses a cool bow and arrow.  That’s pretty much it, man.

Oh, and he was a great slap in the face against DC: Marvel proved that they could do Green Arrow so much better.

To read:

  • Avengers #223 (Not reprinted!  Shame on Marvel!)
  • Hawkeye by Mark Gruenwald
  • West Coast Avengers Vol. 1
  • Secret Invasion


Scott is the coolest comic book nerd ever.  He’s in a band, has a hot girlfriend (and another chick fighting over him), he’s named after a hit by a Canadian indie band (Plumtree), and he’s a skilled martial artist and video gamer.

Scott Pilgrim is the comic book hero we all want to be.

And the book is so good, the movie was essentially faithful to it.  Supposedly, an Adult Swim ‘toon is in the works.

Suggested reading:

  • The Scott Pilgrim books

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