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  • Trindalas

    Haha! Mean, but hilarious. I love these.

  • Not funny. And offensive to retards.

    • shadowedgoldengod

      your a retard

      Retard delay or hold back in terms of progress, development, or accomplishment.

      retard is completely different from mentaly handicapped

      • “You’re”, silly billy. It’s the contraction of “you” and “are”. There you go, a free English lesson for you. Knowledge is power!

        • shadowedgoldengod

          you understood my message apperently so it doesnt really matter now does it?

          • No, I guess not. Next time you send your CV off for a job interview, don’t bother with correct grammar. Whoever sees it will no wot yew meen.

            You don’t see the irony in you calling me a retard, and then failing at one of the most fundamental forms of grammar? You’re a bright one, huh, dear?

          • shadowedgoldengod

            OH FUK YUS an argoment on teh internet if u tink i bad chek teh othr plces on teh net
            Its called i dont give a shit how i type to people who dont matter in a resume i would put effort but you people just arent worth that effort so get over yourself but if you wish to argue theres millions of idiots to do it with

            good day sir

          • You’re just an arrogant prat, that’s your problem.

          • ekko

            This is the most entertaining comment section ever on my blog. Thanks to both of you!