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Posts made in July 24th, 2011


By Ricardo Chucky and courtesy of Comics Alliance.
I think it’s safe to say that 2011 is the year of the comic book movie.  For several years now, I’ve kept a running tab of the best and worst superhero comic book movies (and the best zombie ones, too) on a separate page—but it’s high time for an update.  Hence, this post . . . Which will be reprinted on that page for posterity.

The rules:

(1)  It has to be a movie.  DVD movies are okay, but TV shows and TV movies don’t qualify.  Maybe, if you all are interested, I’ll make a list of those one day, too.

(2)  It has to be based on an English-language comic book—because I can’t read comics in any other language—or be about superheroes.  Both is even better.

(3)  I have to have actually seen it.  If your favorite or least-fave isn’t on here, drop me a comment.  I’ll do my homework.

So, send me your votes for up to 10 films for the best comic book movies of all time!  You can drop a comment, or email me with your votes.  Results won’t be tallied until mid-August, so you’ve got lots of time to think about it!


DEATH GRIPS-Paramilitary

What the fuck is all that shouting?  And why is there a constant throbbing in my forehead?  Who is pounding nails into the back of my skull?!

Death Grips is kinda like rap.  Kinda like industrial.  Kinda like…Christ, I don’t know.  This could give you a headache or inspire you.  Depending on your mood.

Angriest album I’ve heard this year.

Zach Hill is the man behind this punkrapbeat project that can’t possibly be legal given all the deep samples.

He’s giving it away free here and here and here.

Here’s a couple tastes:

Spread Eagle Cross the Block
Death Grips Spread Eagle Cross the Block

Lord of the Game (feat. Mexican Girl)
Death Grips Lord of the Game (ft. Mexican Girl)


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