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Posts made in June 14th, 2011

ALL 52 OF DCU #1s!

(From the top 10 most stupid action figures ever.)

We (and everyone else) have been talking about it a lot, and now, at last, all 52 new #1 issues for the D.C. Comics reboot of its universe for 2011 (and probably about 7 years beyond) have been announced.  With some of them (like Green Arrow’s new series) being origin books but others relying on there having been backstory, it seems like there will be books that take place at various different times—not all of these #1s will be in continuity.

Here’s what you should (and shouldn’t) care about, after the break.



These guys have the balls–the balls!–the cover Led Zeppelin. The Sonic Heavy are a San Jose band featuring heavy, thick drums, chainsaw guitars, and a lead singer who screams with urgency and power. It’s throwback bluesrock–the kind of heavy shit you heard in the late 1970s when Mountain and Bad Company were all over the place and metal hadn’t turned into Poison yet.

Plus, these guys have the balls to cover my third-favorite Led Zeppelin song.

Break it Clean

Tangerine (Led Zep cover)
<a href=”” _mce_href=””>Download The Sonic Heavy Tangerine (Led Zep cover)</a>
The Sonic Heavy Tangerine (Led Zep cover)

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