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Posts made in June 11th, 2011


I know, I know, yet another article about the “new DCU”? But it’s clearly important nerdnews, and it will be for at least the next 10 years when DC reboots again.

Lots of folks are griping about how this makes the DCU untrustworthy: Why should we care about their “major events” if they’re just going to erase them all on a regular basis via a Crisis or a Flashpoint or what-have-you. I imagine that these are the same folks who didn’t like Spider-Man: Brand New Day for the same reason. But I submit that this isn’t really a bad thing.   The core information about the DC heroes will stay the same—the legends that we grew up with will essentially be updated or tweaked, leaving intact the Clark Kents and the Bruce Waynes, but reworking everything so that it is less ridiculous that Bruce Wayne has been fighting crime for over six decades but is still in his thirties.

What’s the alternative for a long-running publishing comic book company with beloved heroes?  Marvel chooses to ignore “real time” and instead keeps its characters at the same age in perpetuity, relatively, but puts them through “cycles” either in their own books (Cap gets shot, Bucky becomes Cap, now exit Bucky and reenter Steve, e.g.) or on a “universe” level (House of M, Dark Reign, etc.). That’s why Brand New Day was necessary: Peter Parker was getting too old and needed to revert, because age and personal developments narrow possibilities for a storyline that is in essence timeless.

So accept that this is just DC’s way of cycling back for the next generation of readers and, knowing that, let’s look at the whole thing on its merits.

Lots and lots of changes are being proposed—nearly the entire publishing line is changing. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you reconstruct your entire monthly pull list….After the break.



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