- Comics Alliance‘s weekly review of great art includes Wolverine and Thor pics by Bill Sienkewicz, Mike Deodato’s portrait of Joker, a Nightwing kissing booth(!), and much, much more.  One of my favorite weekly articles.

– The archive has a new Drive-By Truckers show, with a great cover Mavis Staples’ Respect Yourself.  Check out the whole show here.

– Go here for the Heart Shaped Tron mashup.  I’m guessing just based on the title you’ll be checking it out.

-People are still remixing Siqo????

-CD’s write up of Fuel Box is pretty damn funny.

-Illroots has the new Chiddy Bang mixtape, titled “Peanut Butter and Swelly.”  I haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but these dudes tend to be damn good.  Start off with this one:

When You’ve Got Music (feat. The Knocks)

– I love this.  It’s genius.  Genius!  HATE MACHINE.

-AD has a Neil Young boot from 2008.

-And last but certainly not least, Paper Bag Records has (another!) free compilation available for the price of an e-mail address.  Go here.  Here’s the terrific track list:

CFCF – How Bizarre (OMC cover)
Winter Gloves – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)
Woodhands – Electric Avenue (Eddy Grant cover)
Sally Shapiro – Dying in Africa (Nicolas Makelberge cover)
You Say Party! We Say Die! – Falling Out (Rikk Agnew cover)
Josh Reichmann – Daniel (Bat For Lashes cover)
Laura Barrett – Gamma Ray (Beck cover)
Rock Plaza Central – I Want You (Bob Dylan cover)
The Acorn – Strange Animal (Gowan cover)
Little Girls – Heinz (Artery cover)
Slim Twig – Behold A Lady (Outkast cover)
Under Byen – Du er min øjesten (Peter Malberg cover)