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  • Jesse

    del doe: Welcome to the internet.

  • Michael

    Are you really such a bastard that you have to prove it by mocking the dead?

  • Hey, I didn’t do it. It was that guy in the back with the long sleeve shirt on under a short sleeve shirt.

  • clams

    Its snoop dogg

  • Maria Abundis

    Pretty fucked up. I don’t care if it’s the internet. Just be a decent human being.

    • I’m such a shithead.

  • poochie

    Humor is sometimes tragic. Which makes me a sick fuck for not being able to help myself. Damn you.

    • Finally! Somebody gets it! I knew there was a reason I didn’t delete this post when the others called me names.

  • pete


  • bender

    I don’t really understand it. I’m all for something that’s funny and even things that are funny and offensive to some. But if you’re going to post something which people are obviously going to take offense to, atleast make sure it’s actually good.