Milkshake Freestyle – Kanye West w/Common,  Neptunes

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  • The Man Without Fear

    Made me laugh out loud :)

  • bishounenmason


  • IrishPikey

    Erin Go Brah Brah!!

  • http://themancallahan.web.officelive.com/default.aspx dylan

    Fake and gay. make your own here:


  • Dude

    Who cares if its fake, its awesome!

  • tubz

    haha..i was sitting in the library, when this happened. those suprise laffs will sneak up on you.

  • george kennedy

    this is fucking rubbish and anyone who laughed at it is a ding dong

  • den

    im a ding dong.. :(

  • macawesome

    that makes two at least

  • Sean

    Came across this on StumbleUpon. Bloody disgraceful

    • http://www.berkeleyplaceblog.com ekko

      ain’t it, tho?

  • Trythiswithjews

    As funny as Holocaust jokes.

    • ekko1

      See, I don’t think it’s quite THAT funny…