It’s time for one of those A to Z posts that you all used to enjoy so much.  I don’t do them as much anymore because I don’t get as much love for them, but sometimes, the idea is too good to pass up.  Like naming a zip file: BGSA2Z.  So here you go, a tribute to the hairy chested blonde disco kings.

A is to give you fair warning, up front that All these songs can be found in a zipfile, under Z, below.

B is for How Deep Is Your Love-The Bird and the Bee.  This band’s 2010 tribute to Hall and Oates was nothing short of revelatory.  I love these guys.

C is for Cracker’s take on Stayin’ Alive.

D is for You Should Be Dancing-Deep Blue Sun.

E is for Staying Alive-Eldissa.  Oooh!  A salsa!

F is for Feist’s cover of “Inside and Out.” Kind of a cute video . . .

G is for gibberish!  Me no speaky the language, but me can appreciate the cover . . . Icht Machte Nen Scherz-Erdmo Bel (I Started a Joke)

H is for heavy metal!  Tragedy, a metal Bee Gees cover band, is worth discovering here, for the kick factor.  Very fun. I’m offering their take on Night Fever.

I is for I Started a Joke-The Lucksmiths.  A forlorn, harmonica-and-guitar version.

J is for Jive Talking-The Breakfast. A bootleg cover. Pretty good, but not great. Still, it gives me my “J,” so I’m grateful.

K is for kid of Bob Dylan.  I Started a Joke-The Wallflowers

L is for Love Potion #9 Medley, which includes a ton of tunes: Love Potion #9 (Clovers), Ohio (CSNY), Stayin’ Alive (Bee Gees), Who Will Save Your Soul (Jewel), You Oughta Know (alanis Morissette), Barbie (Aqua), Love Shack (B52s), all by the great live band Moxy Fruvous.

M is for Mash Up!  P is for Pink Floyd!  Shut Up, Let’s Hook Up (Pink Floyd vs. The Bee Gees, with Jason Downs on vocals).

N is for Matt Nathanson–a great live performer.  Here’s a cool medley: Starfish and Coffee/Eminem/Starfish and Coffee/Stayin’ Alive/Starfish and Coffee.

O is for You Should Be Dancing-Omega Moos.  A 7-minute live jam session. Yeah, it is a little big much.

P is for pumpkins!  To Love Somebody-Smashing Pumpkins.  God, I love Billy Corgan’s voice.

R is for To Love Somebody-Ray Lamontagne.

S if for Stayin’ Alive-String Cheese Incident.

T is for Take Ur Mama Out to the Disco-Scissor Sisters (a Bee Gees remix!).

W is for Switching Alive-Will Smith and the Bee Gees.  I think the Gibbs will live forever in mash ups.

Y is for You Should Be Dancing-Juggling Suns

Z is for zipfile (see “A”).  (Mediafire.)  (Rapidshare.)

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