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Posts made in August 16th, 2010

HIGH FIVE REVIVAL-Grey Goose, Drug Use, and Spousal Abuse

And the award for most obnoxiously misleading album title of the year goes to . . . High Five Revival!  The title of this foursome’s debut, “Grey Goose, Drug Use, and Spousal Abuse,” sounds like a bad rap album that will feature lots of gold teeth and “yeeaahhhs.”  But it doesn’t.

Put away your biases and prepare to be wowed.  I mean it.  The High Five Revival are clever, musically tight, freakin’ hilarious, nonpretentious, and . . . I don’t have anything bad to say about them.  Where else will you find love songs featuring self-conscious misogynism (“in the kitchen where you belong”), too-little-too-late sympathy (“if you see her crying, give a muffin”), and blunt straight-talk (“you’re talking about your problems that are stupid/you should call back when you’re sober”).  These guys say what everyone else thinks, but doesn’t have the balls to speak of.

This is college-basement indie rock (bordering on punk) at its best.  It’s unsigned bands like this that give me the will to keep on blogging. They kinda remind me a little bit of Incubus around the time of their first record.


Ghostface Killah



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Follow the link at the very end of this sentence to go to slots dot com, which has a very extensive list of free slot machine games.

This review will be dated August 16, 2010.


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