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  • MasacruAlex

    Hooah, best answer in a while =)

  • Jesus Christ

    Ahw yeah

  • Eisley

    I like keys.

  • Carter

    This was stolen from QDB.

  • Kendra

    Women are supposed to be protecting themselves. Men are always horny, its up to the women to keep them in line.

  • Bailey

    kendra, what the fuck does that have to do with anything about this post?



  • sicthickness

    I keep seeing this same exact anecdote a million times over when I stumble. its getting real old.

  • Wegl

    All this is a result of socialization, the best way to deal with it is to just ignore it and not further these norms into the next generation.

  • kessketdrole

    “Men are always horny”. Maybe. The fact is they always find good angels, full of consideration to do good…

  • i’m not sure it all applies to the same, but hey, a great comeback indeed

  • McNugg

    Wow this is so old my grandfather could recite this joke

  • bri

    yes society is sexist and very mysogynist. key metaphor is irrelevant. women are not key holes and men are not keys. thats the difference. this is stupid.

    • Which society is sexist? Because that metaphor is age-old, dating back in both Western and Eastern literature. In fact, it’s pretty much a cliche. And I’m not sure why it is sexist to say that a woman is a lock or a man a key.

  • David

    @ekko “I’m not sure why it is sexist to say that a woman is a lock or a man a key.” … I think it is seen as sexist because it presumes a directionality ‘men open women’ as ‘keys open locks’ … that the man acts upon the woman as a key acts upon a lock. Women are presented as being passive receptors of men, as locks are passive receptors of keys.

    It was meant as a joke, I get it, but it maintains sexual imbalances; one side holds the power (good locks reject even skilled lock picks … or a great lock pick can open any lock). In maintaining that imbalance, it is sexist.

    @Kendra “Men are always horny, its up to the women to keep them in line.” … so we switch the sexism of the 19th century around, and instead of women being flighty beings of emotion, it is men who are incapable of controlling themselves … if a woman gets raped, it’s not the guy’s fault because he’s “always horny” and the woman couldn’t “keep (him) in line.”

  • Stace

    It’s completely misogynist and a strawman argument. Women are not inanimate objects. They have sexual desires just as men do. Why should women be expected to suppress their natural urges when men are not?

    People like Brandon don’t view women as humans like them, and that’s a very scary thing. On a lighter note, since we know Brandon’s view of sex is that men derive pleasure from sex but women only do so “for their man” concludes that he’s probably f*cking awful in bed and/or has never had sex with a woman.

  • Or, it’s a joke!

  • LolOOOOOOl

    I am unentertained. The Joke wasn’t funny. Nor are the Lesbians that don’t see they are locks.
    Dumb lesbolockrecepticals.

    Don’t get all keyed up about a FB post.

    The end.

  • Ridiculous

    When will women learn not to feed the trolls…

  • Dr. Dick

    When I laugh hard, I fart.

  • tawny

    i wouldn’t want a master key. opening any door is going into someones business. that’s what you call a home wrecker. going into someones personal business