Seems like the perfect picture for these rapid-fire nuggets . . .

E THE REAL-Wall St. Project

I love, love, love this free album.  It’s got everything: Smart lyrics, actual content, and great beats and flow.  It’s also got a theme: It’s about (guess what?) the greedy Wall Street lifestyle.  It even has a tribute to Gordon Gecko.  Reminds me a lot of 3d Bass.

E The Real has done a few missions for Stones Throw (home of MF Doom), but this one he’s let out the bag for free at Bandcamp.

Get the whole thing here.

G.R.E.E.D.Y – E the Real feat. Timmy Wiggins (Prod. Paul Mighty)

Flat Caps and Fedoras (Prod. Paul Mighty)


Shadrach Kabango, a.k.a. Shad K., raps about love.  He’s also got actual instrumental ability, which is all too rare among hip hoppers.  He’s not a Native Tongue rapper in sound, but he’s one in feeling. If you like the music in the video, buy the whole platter here. The video is frickin’ hilarious: