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Posts made in May 19th, 2010


1.  Sean’s got the new Scissor Sisters.  Good song, fun band.  Wish it was available for download, not just streaming….

2.  Captain’s Dead has a Butthole Surfers concert.  My wife dated a Butthole before she dated me.  He was a pretty wimpy dude. Didn’t take much to steal her away.  Actually, he was just a clarinet player who did a few studio tracks with the bands right about the time the Surfers were in Lollapalooza.  They came out with shotguns and fired blanks into the crowd.  Good times.

3.  9 Bullets has the top 5 Lucero tunes available for download.

4.  Among the recent additions to the live music archive are:

5.  The Gobbler’s Knob does shout-out posts, too.  Great job!  There was a time when a lot of bloggers did this–it was like being in a real community.

6.  This is what gets a 10 on Pitchfuck.   I can’t disagree, but can they be any less brave?

7.  The Nas and Damien Marley album is . . . Boring.  Too bad.

8.  Junip is giving away a free EP.


APPLES IN STEREO- Travellers in Space and Time

The new Apples in Stereo release is a change of pace.  It’s almost like disco.

Dance Floor‘”

Tour dates follow.
Apr 20 – Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA
Apr 21 – Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY
Apr 23 – Middle East Underground – Cambridge, MA
Apr 24 – Castaways – Ithaca, NY
Apr 25 – Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
Apr 27 – Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH
Apr 28 – The Pike Room – Pontiac, MD
Apr 30 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
May 1 – Turf Club – St. Paul, MN
May 3 – Turner Hall – Milwaukee, WI
May 4 – Billiken Club – St. Louis, MO

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The first 100 issues is arguably the most creative run on a comic of all time. Here’s why:

Agatha Harkness (#94) Awesome Android (#15)

Blastaar (#62)

Black Panther (#52)

Diablo (#30)

Dr. Doom(#5)

Dragon Man (#35)

Frightful Four (#36)

Galactus (#48)

Hate Monger (#21)

Impossible Man (#11)

The Inhumans (#44)

Mad Thinker (#15)

Medusa (#37)

The Microverse (#76)

Molecule Man (#20)

Mole Man (#1)

Psycho Man (#77)

Puppet Master (#8)

Rama Tut (Kang) (#19)

The Red Ghost (#13)

Ronan The Accuser (#65)

Silver Surfer (#48)

Skrulls (#2)

Sub Mariner (1st Silver Age)(#4)

Super Skrull (#18)

Adam Warlock (#67)

The Watcher (#13)

Yancy Street and the YS Gang (#20)


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