Edinburgh, Scotland’s Midas Fall are a band that seems to have two speeds: Progressive pop and shoegaze ballad.  And they’re quite good at both.   It’s hard to find much information about them, though.  Even the press material doesn’t offer a whole lot of info.  I can tell you that vocalist Elizabeth Heaton is the main reason to listen here–she’s got a terrific voice–and whichever of the three guitarists plays the bubbling leads is a strong second.  “Eleven. Return and Revert” appears to be the band’s debut album.  Give the single a try–I think you’ll dig it.


Thought I’d combine the Midas Fall review, about a band that’s as musical as can be, with a rap review.  Stevie Crooks is giving away his latest, “Diamonds and Guns,” for free!  Crooks is remarkably versatile, able to spin hardcore street tales and then turn on a dime tell a vulnerable tale about this father, then do another 360 and do an I’m-better-than-you rap, all the while mixing flows influenced by everyone from the fast-and-clear Eminem to the growling of Mobb Deep to the kind of wise-ass playground taunts you’d hear from Lil’ Wayne. 

I’m not saying Crooks is necessarily as good as any of those well-established acts.  But I am saying he has the potential to be.

Stevie Crooks is a West Coaster without claiming a set, he’s tough without fake posturing, he doesn’t have ridiculous claims of having been a street Godfather, or shot twenty guys, or any kind of lame B.S. like that.  His lyrics are hot, the beats are tremendous, and almost every single song is a keeper.

Taste the song “Stop Look Listen” if you must, but really you should get the whole album for free here.

And while you’re at it, cop last year’s CSTC mixtape.  It’s fantastic, too.  Much harder, utilizing Mobb Deep beats….

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