ANNUALS-Sweet Sister (EP)

The first Annuals album, 2006’s “Be He Me” was definitely one of my picks for the best of that year.  At least that’s how I remember it, before RIAA threats made me shut down my old blogspot blog and all the content disappeared.  But then the band joined Columbia for their 2008 sophomore record, which I never listened to.  Because if it ain’t indie, I ain’t gonna write about it, and if I ain’t gonna write about it, I don’t have time to listen to it.  It’s not a snob thing (well, maybe it is a little), it’s just practical: The majors don’t like blogs, so I don’t review their stuff.But what does that have to do with Annuals’ new EP, “Sweet Sister?”  Plenty.  The band has returned to an indie label, with frontman Adam Baker back behind the production boards, and they’ve never sounded better.  It’s sweet pop, highly orchestrated, and pitch perfect.  Their promoters call it “quirky,” but I don’t hear that here.  In fact, this is pure and clear, and anything but quirky.  Most excellent.  The only problem with it is it won’t be released until late March(!)  Seems they’re promoting it pretty darn early . . .

The Sweet Sister EP Track Listing:

Sweet Sister
Holler and Howl
Flesh and Blood

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