I’m a fan of Troy Brownfield’s column, and he recently wrote about whether the reunion of Cap, Thor and Iron Man, means that The Avengers will return and the street-level team of “New Avengers” will disband.  And Michael Bendis confirmed on Twitter that the Avengers will be cavorting through space soon, giving Troy’s theory some ammunition.  First off, and I hope Marvel has considered this, if The Avengers does return, I hope it does so with the original series’ numbering.  Second of all, I can’t wait to see how Cap and Iron Man kiss and make up.  But to address Mr. Brownfield’s column, yeah, there should be a street level team to avenge victims of street-level crime.  He had some suggestions for the lineup—good ones—but I’ll throw mine in now.  I agree that the “street” Avengers should include Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Cloak and Dagger . . . I even like the Black Cat idea.

But who among them is a qualified leader?  None of them can be taken seriously enough.  I think Cap should stay with them.  After all, even if he’s fought Thanos and Galactus, he’s really a street-level guy.  But what about the new Cap (a.k.a. Bucky)?  Or Falcon?  Sam Wilson seems like he might be ready to step up and start leading a group.  At a minimum, both characters are good candidates for the team because their link to the real Captain America could provide some credibility.

If Mr. Bendis doesn’t dig giving Falcon a leadership role, I’m going to suggest Dr. Strange.  He hasn’t been in a group since The Defenders, I believe.

I’m disagreeing that Daredevil should be included—I love hornhead, but he’s a loner, always has been, always should be.  His experiment at “team work” with The Hand notwithstanding.  Plus, we don’t even know how that will turn out.  And I love Moon Knight, but he’s insane.  Ditto Punisher.  Both could work with the team, but how could they ever get the clearance required to work as a team without getting everyone arrested?

I’ll add a few more candidates for membership.  First, how about the “undead” White Tiger?  Maybe some of the Immortal Weapons would like to spend some time in the surface world?  And I’m not suggesting he be on the team, but here’s an idea for a story arc: Deadpool wants to be on the team!  He’s been experimenting with the meaning of being a hero, after all.  Hellcat might be interesting, although I’ve never really understood her as a character.  I’d prefer Tigra, whose insecurity complex always made her doubt her ability to contribute when she was a member of the capital-A Avengers.  And how about a new Ant Man or Wasp?  Finally, the team needs a tank other than Luke Cage.  Maybe Colossus?  Or, and I don’t know what the plans are for her with in Fall of Hulks, but She Hulk is a smart character who isn’t being used to her full potential right now.  Plus, she’s a lawyer.  I think this gang will need one . . .

What about ROM?  Remember him?  (Just kidding.)

Finally, I’ll say this: Wolverine should NOT be on the team.  It’s enough with that dude, already.

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