NURSES-“Apple’s Acre” . . . And some other stuff, too!

“Apple’s Acre” is weird. That’s right, weird. It’s weird like Deerhoof and Deer Tick. It’s weird like Yeasayer and Portugal. The Man (only weirder). It’s weird like raw, experimental indie folk/rock is supposed to be.  Nurses’ latest album may give you a fragment of harmony or melody (“Technicolor”), but it’s just as likely to give you a waltzy whine (“Mile After Mile”), a whistling whirligig (“Caterpillar Playground”), or a bouncy jig that’s (gasp!) almost hummable (“Apple’s Acre”). Let’s just say, if you listen to this record and you’re bored then you probably don’t have ears.

I can’t say that this entry in the trend of underproduced, anti-song pop is revolutionary, or even that this genre is one that I can connect emotionally with, but I do enjoy listening to it. It’s almost visual or mathematical, the way that so many dissonant, uncoordinated sounds and melodies come together to form something like a composition but more like improvisation.

But hey, even if they are playing with the same ideas as Yeasayer, or Portugal. The Man, or Deerhoof . . . This is good company to keep.

Apple’s Acre


I love The Sweet (Love is Like Oxygen, Ballroom Blitz . . . What’s not to love?), so when Retro Music Snob posted this cover by The Donnas, I was psyched.  I would have linked to their post, but for some reason they don’t have their blog set up to allow links to individual posts.  But check the site out. Lots of cool stuff there.


So there’s this band called “The Library,” right?  Terrible name, but they’re from the BK.  Dude in it used to be in The Comas.  They do shoegazery stuff, and want to give you their EP for fee.

The Life and Times of Rosa Lee (direct link mp3)

Get the whole thing here.


The award for most tasteless self-promotion goes to . . . AC!  I do like the guy’s flow, but come on . . .

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