JASON LYTLE-“Yours Truly, The Commuter”

So, here’s why I have the best readers in the world. I posted my Best of 2009 So Far a little while ago, and one guy who goes by the name “CD” asked my why I hadn’t included the latest solo release from former Granddaddy songwriter Jason Lytle. Mr. “CD” also recommended DOOM’s new album, which I didn’t recommend as one of the best of the year’s first half (even though it was a solid album), so I took his suggestion.

Again, I have the best readers in the world.

Lytle’s new album is quietly beautiful and soaringly inspirational. Is it a big break from Granddaddy? No. And thank God for that, because few bands have been able to make that kind of skillfully crafted indie rock . . . And make it sound easy.

The album tells (loosely) the story of a commuter, but it’s not married to that conceit. The songs feel honest and revelatory, even when they’re abstract. Lines like, “I’m only laughing . . . With the ghost of my old dog . . . ” or “Sudden death is just boring, so I’m here for good,” feel infused with meaning, and yet will likely resonate differently with every listener.

I can’t say enough positive things about this album. A stellar release, and definitely one of the best of 2009.

Thanks, CD.

Birds Encouraged Him (YSI)


Belle & Sebastian-Turn Turn Turn (Pete Seeger/The Byrds) (YSI)

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